Notebook The Development of a Context for Understanding Visual Art References and Resources 


Pictured Here: Macellum: Facade. The Pompeii Forum Project - Be sure to open this image in a new window for the enlarged view of this archival photograph.

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Architecture is "the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are related so as to furnish practical use as well as an aesthetic solution, thus differing from the pure utility of engineering construction. As an art, architecture is essentially abstract and nonrepresentational and involves the manipulation of the relationships of spaces, volumes, planes, masses, and voids. Time is also an important factor in architecture, since a building is usually comprehended in a succession of experiences rather than all at once. In most architecture there is no one vantage point from which the whole structure can be understood. The use of light and shadow, as well as surface decoration, can greatly enhance a structure. The analysis of building types provides an insight into past cultures and eras. Behind each of the greater styles lies not a casual trend nor a vogue, but a period of serious and urgent experimentation directed toward answering the needs of a specific way of life. Climate, methods of labor, available materials, and economy of means all impose their dictates. Each of the greater styles has been aided by the discovery of new construction methods." (The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2001-05 Columbia University Press.)

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Reflections of sunshine and shadow tones inside, small clouds pass in repose through the clear air beyond the door.

Developments occur in all areas of the notebook -- Additions may be found in: Dimensions -- Materials & Methods and in Topics of possible interest that are included below in the area of Approaches, such as: Oriental Antiquities; Chinese Art; Criticism; Visual Literacy; Ancient Greek Culture; Mimbre\'s Art of the American Southwest; Art Education [Notes]

Sketchpad.Mobile devises with painting and photo applications enable the development, projection, and exchange of imagery on impulse. Such tools and programs --for painting, 3D, drawing, collage, photography -- are mobile online or can be downloaded -- for the development of new skills and the practice of visualizing. The National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC) has a number of programs, including a Sketchpad, which "contains more than 40 brushes and textures, many with customizable size, transparency, and stroke options. A full palette of colors and special effects are provided that can blur, ripple, smudge, and fragment your designs . . . . " 

Directories - Resources to explore and \'like\' or share through digital networks in order to be current and engaged in the projects, events and resources.

Alberti\'s \'On Painting\', Eastlake\'s \'Professional Essays\', Cennini\'s \'The Craftman\'s Handbook\', and Thompson\'s \'The Practice of Tempera Painting\' are included in the Texts [see the link at the bottom of this page]






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