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Fictional Characters -- Narrative Figures -- Mythical Beings

"The apprehension of time is caused by the perception of the changing instant,
the apprehension of eternity by that of the enduring instant." - [St. Thomas Aquinas]

R e f e r e n c e

The grandeur, limitations, feats and certain failures of the ancient gods and heros inform us of potential and responsibility . . . . "In Greece poetry preceded every other art. Literature, that is poetic fiction, shaped the concepts in which men learned to recognize themselves as existing in particular social and personal conditions, over and above the great generalities of life and death." (Brendel)

We can learn of the development of character through narrative --and obtain --more or less --strength or inspiration, recognition and a sense of involvement through a novel or essay or poem . . . . "For fiction, if not true to fact, can yet be true to experience. Story-telling can dwell on individual happenings and impart significance to the seemingly accidental. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Greek mind was first awakened to itself and the world around it by invented narratives." (Brendel)

How do we keep aware and through awareness participate in the events of the day --contribute to the affairs of our time and to the exchange of information because we attend to the news?

Many courses of endeavor provide the means for professional participation in broad areas of human concern --as we may all keenly develop interest and, through thought and the exchange of understanding --demand the breadth and honesty and active pursuit of questions.

We realize potentials and share ideas through personal endeavor to master a skill, to open the heart and provide comfort, to fine-tune some manner of approach or engagement --to aim or focus or to be there --at our best.

We can find ourselves attached to history through family relationships and realize what it was like in another time --how that time was lived. The relationships, conflicts, achievements, and contributions --as they were experienced and known at another time can come alive through attachments or the search for answers. Some documents were kept. There can be contradictions. Howewver, we may know the affairs of our families because of the threads [not all] that were recorded and passed on to us. In a sense those we care about live on through us. Do we bear a trust or honor --serve as the beacon and carry, as well, some burden or challenge and hope? We hope that the birth was recorded --that the property was registered --that those who participated were accounted for?

In what way do we nourish a compassion for ourselves and empathy for others as we honestly triumph and despair --grow and must die --survive certain hurt and loss?

There are many opportunities for excitement, exchange, inspiration and fun in our popular culture —all of which may buoy or humor and lighten or inspire interest in lives and ideas of relationship --and suggest the reality or absurdity of chance or fairness.

In regard to Human Relationship
Family, the Neighborhood, the Community, an Affiliation, a Group, the Organization
The Friend, the Example, the Leader, the Teacher, the Guide, the Beloved, the Challenge, the Competitor, the Partner, etc. . . . . .

In regard to Broad areas of Human Consideration
Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Architects, Artists, Astronomers, Biologists, Chemists, Economists, Educators,
Environmentalist, Geographers, Historians, Inventors, Musicians, Oceanographers, Paleontologists, Philosophers, Physicists

In regard to specific kinds of Human Endeavor
The Astronaut, The Athlete, The Political Theorist, The Orator, The Explorer, The Religious Thinker
The Gymnast, The Pitcher, The Navigator, Swimmer, Climber, Marksman, Pilot, Sprinter, Punter, Catcher
The Painter, The Illustrator, Photographer, Sculptor, Designer, The Architect,
Pianist, The Violinist, Composer, Conductor,
The Selectman, The Clerk, The Moderator, The Mayor, The Representative, The Governor, The Senator, The Congressmen, The President, The Ambassador, The Consul
The Novelist, Poet, Journalist, The Editor
The Underwriter, The Assurer, Investor, Banker, The Director, The Consultant, The Advisor

In regard to shared conditions or Human Circumstance
The Rebel, The Child, Old person, New, The Veteran, Lonely, The Winner, A Worker --A Frightened Person, A Healthy Person, A Victim, Fulfilled Person, A Proud Person, A Slow Person, A Stylish Person --Hasty, Lucky, Tall, Pregnant, Late --Hurt person --A Missing Person --A Beautiful Person --An Hospitable Person --Efficacious Person --Receptive Person --Inconsiderate Person --Honorable Person --Quiet Person, Bright Person, Giving Person --Tired --Rich, Hungry, Strong, Happy, Clean, Worn out, Funny, Smart, Sick, Popular, Lazy, Wet, Compassionate --A Conversationalist, Lover, The Student, A Forgetful Person, Very Outgoing --Honest --Man, Woman, Girl, Boy, Son, Father, Mother, Daughter, Grandparent --Late, Short, Stuck, Dumb --The Complainer, Eager, Dear, Helpful --Dictator, The Gossip, The Stoic, Sloppy --A Wise Person, Affectionate Person, Helpless --The Skeptic, Bored, Ignored --Conscientious, Comfortable, Generous, Proselytizera, Addicted, Friendly Person --English, Cowboy, Asian, French, Nomad, Farmer, American, Rumanian -- A Celebrity, Drifter, Expert --A Homeless Person, Critical, The Show-off, --Hungry, Pushy, Full, Impatient, Cheerful . . . . Precious Person, Angry Person, The Know-it-all, Shy, Apologetic, Sleepy, Demanding -- A Comic, Very Neat Person, Patient Person, . . . .

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