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Many Kinds of Activities - [cont.]

Consider Qualities:



















Consider Placeness - Fit
Exploring Above, Below, Sides, In the Middle

The Ground or Baseline - in the middle - in the sky, etc.

Organization / Evolving rules of organization - dealing with the child's ideas that two objects cannot occupy the same space . . . .

Organization / Exploring ways of organizing their repetoire of visual ideas for building the image

Proportion of parts in organization and exaggeration in size or thickness for emphasis of tall or round or colorful, etc.

Representational space - A focus on "placeness" for the representation of "something known" and then "together" in one place for the "way it fits in"

Shape, Atmosphere, Expression or Density of visual ideas [Places, Activities, Things we Know]

Together / Apart, Inside / Outside may dominate

How is it the same? How is it different?

Ways to sharpen the powers of observation through the discovery of resemblances between geometric and natural forms, such as Circularitiy - Seasons, Planets, etc.

Balance / stable repetition

Rythmn / accented repetition

Sequence / regular repetion

Cause & Effect: Something as simple as a piece of paper that is crumpled becomes transformed into something very complicated

Changes in structure--the Steps that one take to transform one simple object into another simple object...

Construction and Deconstruction

Into Enlightenment [results of new information upon quest, mystery, game, etc.]

Four versions of one thing -- Changes in appearance due to pattern, texture, color or tone.

Growth and decay

Metamorphosis [flowering of plant, etc.]

Recognition [finding the things hidden in the picture...]

Refined, finished, or polished



Transformatin of a 3-D object into a flat assembly kit [car, furniture, clothes].

3-D Constructions from scraps of paper, oak tag or board. Requires adjustment--readjustment of shapes and sizes....till it's just they way they want it...

An Early American Seaport

Art Lotto

Assemblages and Constructions - Consider adding or subtracting according to some themes or stories or journies, etc.]

Beachball [escapade with people and places on the beach]

Cards [Animals and activities - And the Donkey, And Two Deer.

Chunky Chunky Board Books - Faces, Sizes, Shapes, Time, Home, Food, etc.

Coaster Car Designs

Consider architectural emphasis - the built environment

Cut and Assemble Paper Dragons that fly

Design your own Coat of Arms

Dimensional Mazes [With Stories] - Flip out, Assemblage and Constructed

Empires and Barbarians


Fine Art Masks [Egyptian, Dutch, etc.]


Fly Fishing

Historic Sailing Ships

Kaleidoscope Art

Mayan Diorama - Other Diorama Environments

Miniatures - Interior Design

Noa's Ark

Optical Moving Alphabet

Paper Dolls - Japaneses Kimonos, Famous American Men or Women, Great Emperors or Queens, Traditional

Folk Costumes


Seafarers and warriors

Storybook Mazes [In conjuction with themes above and perhaps episodes]

Surprise Party [Advent calendar kind of pop up flaps of windows in house suggesting party inside and then inside some of the rooms with pop up activity!]

Tangle [Game - Any art fundamental - Shapes, lines, etc]


Technical Note: Supports for materials that might expand or shrink should be flexible.

The Decoy

The Way Things Work

Tops [variety]

What's In My Pocket? [Pop up animals with favorite food in a pocket flap]

What's in the Prehistoric forest [Pop up animals or dinosaurs from leaves or clouds or in the reeds or volcanic eruption or under water lilies]

Woodwork - Blocks, Tugboat, Birdhouse, Chandelier, Cradle, Stilts, Puppet Theater Easel, Raft, Lemonade Stand, Coaster car

Zoetrope - Strips for moving cylinder with slits, light source and point of view

Group Projects [Working Together]
An event in the News

Building the Circus [Acts, Groups, Clowns, Environment, Equipment, etc.]

City Mural: Residential and industrial areas--shopping, playground, Neighborhood, recreation, zoo, parking lots, schools, museums, activities of people, autos, public transportation, shops, river, harbor, landscape, deliveries, markets, etc.

Class Resource: Project in which everybody does something to works towards a "Resource Mural / Board" in which the explorations of a topic [color or texture, for example] are done within a particular format so that the works can be mounted as a group reference . . . .

Diorama - A Village, An Historic Event, The Country Fair, The City Neighborhood, Pond Life, In the Forest, etc.

Reliving History [Murals & Theater]

Issues [Environmental, Social Program, Poverty, Health, Getting Along, Homelessness, Opportunity, Politics, Rights, Change, etc.]

Murals - Stories, Places, Times, Events

Olympics [Events, Courses, Equipment, Countries, Designs, etc.]

Seasons or other aspects of Nature or of Time



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