Notebook, 1993-


Color Properties - Pigment Properties - Purity - Permanence

Color Properties

The dry powdered pigments, from which artists' paints are made, must conform to several requirements in order to be acceptable for use in painting. Some pigments are characterized by brilliance and depth of tone, others are normally duller or paler, but each should be as clean, clear, and bright in color as its type permits. [p. 25] The transparency and the opacity of pigments must also conform to the highest standards of their types. [pp. 25-26]

[Mayer, Ralph. The Painter's Craft. An Introduction to Artist's Methods and Materials. Revised and updated by Steven Sheehan, Director of the Ralph Mayer Center, Yale University School of Art. New York: Penquin Group. 1948. 1991. ]



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