Notebook, 1993-

DIRECTORIES - A Representative Listing with Periodic Corrections and Additions

PRACTICAL - Join or 'Friend' institutions and organizations on social networks to be up-to-date on resources and opportunities. Check professional schools, colleges and universities for refresher workshops by discipline for professional artists to re-connect and obtain material- and process-based data and skills

Where would you like to work? Auction House? Museum or Gallery? In publications, administration, education, field research or international aid program . . . . . ? What kind of organizations offer what kind of benefits? Grants and other opportunities are listed here: Resources and Opportunities

National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA) "was created solely for the organization and planning of National Portfolio Days. Since 1978, NPDA members have been hosting portfolio days and career-in-the-arts events throughout the country and in Canada. [Includes Schools, Concentrations, Advise]

Christies Education - NYC, London, Hong Kong

Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) - "A non-profit consortium of 43 leading art schools in the US and Canada . . . . AICAD is dedicated to strengthening and connecting its member schools, and therefore provides numerous benefits to students through collaborative international exchange programs, shared resources . . . "

Museum-Ed - Connecting the Museum Educator Community / Tools & Services

Artist Health Insurance Resource Center - "The mission of the Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) is to provide the arts community with the information necessary to make informed choices about individual and small business group health insurance options available in each state." A project of the Actor's Fund of America. For information, contact: The Actors Fund of America, 729 Seventh Ave., 10th Fl., New York, NY 10019; phone (800) 798-8447; or

For Safety in the Arts - Environmental Health & Safety in the Arts . . . Toxic Materials Gopher

The New York Foundation for the Arts

AKAS II Quick-Fix Tax Kits - "A series of tax and business guides which have been especially designed for self-employed painters, sculptors, and other visual artists."

Aid to Artisans - "Aid to Artisans, a nonprofit organization, offers practical assistance to artisans world-wide, working in partnerships to foster artistic traditions, cultural vitality and community well-being. Through training and collaboration in product development, production and marketing, Aid to Artisans provides sustainable economic and social benefits forcrafts people in an environmentally sensitive and culturally respectful manner."

Craft Emergency Relief Fund [CERF]

Fractured Atlas - "Fractured Atlas provides services, resources, and support to liberate a nation of artists. From healthcare to publicity to development grants, we supply critical tools for independent artists and arts organizations so they can focus on their creative responsibilities. By nurturing today's vital but underrepresented voices, we hope to play a role in fostering a dynamic and diverse cultural landscape of tomorrow." - Healthcare, Fundraising, Promotion, Networking, Arts Education

Art Loss Registry

International Society of Appraisers

National Center for Preservation Technology & Training

Billboards Will Travel - A variety of rates by day, week, month for specific audiences, etc.

Arts & Business Council (Boston, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, etc.) - "The Arts & Business Council is a City-based arts service organization that promotes mutually beneficial partnerships between the arts and business communities." - Arts Professional Toolbox, Lawyers, Partnerships, and other Benefits

Association of Restorers

Arts Reach - "The Interactive Journal for Professionals Dedicated to Effectively Increasing Revenue in the Arts Published 10 times a year, Arts Reach is journal that adds $10,000, $100,000, even $1,000,000 to the bottom lines of arts, educational, and cultural organizations by meeting their specific marketing and fundraising information needs. This is the only how-to, results-oriented publication that clearly describes, in plain English, current successful revenue generating techniques you can use immediately."

VSA - [Very Special Arts opportunities for people with disabilities] - "Founded in 1974 by Jean Kennedy Smith as an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, VSA arts is an International organization that creates learning opportunities through the arts for people with disabilities. The organization offers arts-based programs in creative writing, dance, drama, music and the visual arts implemented primarily through our vast affiliate network in 39 states and the District of Columbia, collaborators in 10 states, and 70 international affiliates in 67 countries. VSA arts' programs now serve 4.3 million Americans and 1.3 million people in other parts of the world."

Artist Pension Trust (APT) - "The first pension program created specifically to provide emerging and mid-career artists with long-term financial security. . . . . As an artist selected to participate in a Trust, you will receive the following benefits: Long term financial security based on two sources of pension payments - one directed to your own individual market success and the other built on the collective success of 250 artists in your Trust, who have been chosen by our selection committee, a group of individuals deeply experienced in identifying emerging artists; Museum-quality care and presentation of the works that you invest in your Trust; Professional management of your pension funds by leading financial services companies. . . . . Artist Pension Trust has a selection committee comprised of individuals deeply experienced in working with emerging artists. Each member of this committee identifies artists who are then invited to apply to participate in a Trust. Finally, the committee reviews each applicant's work and selects those who will participate in the program. Artists can also apply, unsolicited, to be considered for participation in APT. APT is a barter-based program. Over a 20-year period, each artist contributes 20 works of art - rather than cash - into his/her pension trust. He/She will start to receive income 20 years after the inception of his/her Trust and will benefit from substantial tax savings as well. The income for the payments will come from the sale of works held by a Trust, of which 50% accrues to the pension pool and 50% accrues to the artist's own pension account. Each artist receives an equal share of the pooled funds generated by the sale of the works held in a Trust, thereby benefiting from the collective success of all of the artists in his/her Trust. Each artist is additionally rewarded according to his/her own individual market success, since 50% of the proceeds of the sale of his/her work are invested in the artist's individual pension account."

LINC - "To support the National Artists' Insurance Initiative which will increase artists' access to health, life, retirement and business insurance and expand artists' engagement with healthcare policy reform efforts." - "LINC (the acronym for Leveraging Investments in Creativity) is a ten-year national campaign to improve conditions for artists in all disciplines, so that artists can more readily do their creative work and contribute to community life."

Be sure to check for job listings at schools and universities, museums and other institutions, and professional organizations.

Museum Employment Resource Center

Go Abroad - Directory to study or Work or Teach or Volunteer Abroad - Language Schools - Rail Passes, Travel Guides, Embassy Guide, etc.

ArtJob Online - "A searchable database of arts and creative services industry jobs in the US. (Recently featured in an ArtsWire Current article]." - "A searchable database featuring the work of more than 1,300 US artists. Open to all US artists. Also lists calls for entries and other artist opportunities."

Alliance of Artists' Communities - A list of jobs in artists communities.

H-Net Job Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Idealist - "20,000 organizations in 140 countries. A project of Action Without Borders" [Volunteering, Internships, Careers, Jobs, Services, Resources, Tools for Non-profits, etc.]

Salary Wizzard - "Site assists you to find salary reports covering virtually every occupation. It promises to help you understand what you are worth and learn what you need to know to earn and keep more money." [Reference Desk]

US Small Business Association [Resources] - "Information on starting a business, financing, expanding, disaster assistance, nonprofit information, and much more. The federal government will even let you post your own business card on-line!" [Society of American Silversmiths]

U.S. Copyright Office

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Architecture - Career Stages - The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network - "Lists Jobs and employment information for administrators and faculty. Jobs in art, art history, communication, dance, music,literature, theater, and more, from THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, are listed under the Humanities category. Listings that appear in the current month are available to subscribers only, but jobs from the previous month's listings are available on the web page. The site also includes articles of interest to seekers of jobs in academia, including this month: Michael Loyd Gray,"Finding a tenure-track job, and losing it", and an opportunity to share "the dumbest mistake that you've ever made on the job market, either as a candidate or an interviewer" [ArtsWire]

The Art Libraries Society of North America JobNet [ARLIS/NA JobNet] - "Lists vacancy announcements for art librarians, visual Library and resources professionals, Information Science Jobs and related positions." [ArtsWire]

The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) - "The Announcements Page lists jobs in the media arts." [ArtsWire] - Lists jobs from across the U.S.

Museum Employment Resource Center

The Associated Writing Programs (AWP) - Job List: Advice and Opportuities for Job Seekers

Poets & Writers Classifieds

Craig's List [New Media jobs]

The Bay Area Video Coalition - [BAVC]

Creative Hotlist - Communication Arts Carreer Resources

BetterTogether - Connect with Others, Build Trust, Get Involved - "BetterTogether provides interactive ways to celebrate and learn from the ways that Americans are connecting, and provides tools and strategies to reconnect with others."

Council on Foundations - Professional Development



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