Notebook, 1993-

DIRECTORIES - A Representative Listing with Periodic Corrections and Additions

Professional Arts Organizations
and Services

The Arts embrace, extend, inspire, define, refine, envision, expand, encourage, reflect, inform, transform, clarify, support, promote . . . . . . . . The following links are representative of arts institutions and services involved in cultural thought, organization, service, funding, access, education, advocacy, and professional opportunities.

Humanities Links - (NHA) . . . . . Museum-Ed - (Connecting). . . . . Leveraging Investments in Creativity - (LINC) . . . . .

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International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies - Nationals and Affiliates - "The global network of arts councils and ministries of culture. IFACCA aims to benefit artists, arts organisations and communities worldwide. Our vision is a dynamic network, sharing knowledge and creating understanding to enrich a world of artistic and cultural diversity."

National Endowment for the Arts - (Washington, DC) with Program Links for education, access, and partnership - "The National Endowment for the Arts exists to foster, preserve, and promote excellence in the arts, to bring art to all Americans, and to provide leadership in arts education. Established by Congress in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government, the Endowment is the nation's largest annual funder of the arts, bringing great art to all 50 states, including rural areas, inner cities, and military bases."

US Regional Arts Organizations - "The US Regional Arts Organizations are six non-profit entitites created to encourage development of the arts and to support arts programs on a regional basis. Funded by the NEA . . . . " Arts Midwest . . . Mid-America Arts Alliance . . . Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation . . . New England Foundation for the Arts . . . Southern Arts Federation . . . Western States Arts Federation

Pacific Arts Councils Network . . . American Samoa . . . Guam . . . The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas . . . Puerto Rico . . . Virgin Islands

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies . . . . . . . . AK . . . . . . AL . . . . . . AR . . . . . . AZ . . . . . . CA . . . . . . CO . . . . . . CT . . . . . . DC . . . . . . DE . . . . . . FL . . . . . . GA . . . . . . HI . . . . . . IA . . . . . . ID . . . . . . IL . . . . . . IN . . . . . . KS . . . . . . KY . . . . . . LA . . . . . . MA . . . . . . MD . . . . . . ME . . . . . . MI . . . . . . MN . . . . . . MO . . . . . . MS . . . . . . MT . . . . . . NC . . . . . . ND . . . . . . NE . . . . . . NH . . . . . . NJ . . . . . . NM . . . . . . NV . . . . . . NY . . . . . . OH . . . . . . OK . . . . . . OR . . . . . . PA . . . . . . RI . . . . . . SC . . . . . . SD . . . . . . TN . . . . . . TX . . . . . . UT . . . . . . VA . . . . . . VT . . . . . . WA . . . . . . WI . . . . . . WV . . . . . . WY

Alliance of Artists Communities - "Artists' communities are places that provide temporary time, space, and support to artists for the creation of new work. These creative residencies are generally anywhere from one week to one year. Artists of all kinds - visual artists, writers, designers, composers, filmmakers, choreographers, and scholars - are served by artists' communities. The communities themselves are as diverse as their artists: some are located in isolated rural mountainsides, others in the middle of urban warehouse districts; some provide solitary retreat to artists working alone, and others welcome collaborative teams as well. While many sites exist solely as an artists' community, others are part of larger institutions, such as museums, colleges, municipalities, or national parks . . . . Our membership includes professionally run artists' communities, other nonprofit organizations that support artists in the development of their work, and individuals who believe in the creative process. . . . "

Factum Arte - "Increasingly, artists and institutions require a new type of mediator to turn their ideas into physical realities. Based in Madrid and London, Factum Arte is dedicated to digital mediation and to the production of works in two and three dimensions for artists, museums and special projects. . . . . Working both with contemporary artists and on the production of facsimiles that can be used for conservation purposes, Factum Arte currently has three studios in Madrid, one in London and one in San Francisco."

Fine Art Adoption Network - "The goals of FAAN are to place artworks by committed artists into deserving homes and institutions, as well as to offer a channel for new audiences for contemporary art. It is the intention of FAAN to engage art enthusiasts who never thought of themselves as art collectors, and to introduce them to the experience and pleasures of owning and caring for contemporary art. Much of the artwork in FAAN was created by artists who have widely exhibited in museums and galleries. Yet, these artists have chosen to present their artwork here because it has the potential to generate a unique relationship between them and new audiences. As much as artists want to sell their work, they also want to communicate with others and have an impact on the lives of their viewers."

NYFA Source - "NYFA Source is the most extensive national database directory of awards, services, and publications for artists. Listings include over 3,400 arts organizations, 2,800 award programs, 3,100 service programs, and 900 publications for individual artists across the country. More programs are added every day. NYFA Source was created in collaboration with the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute during 2001-2002 as part of their Investing in Creativity study. NYFA's former Visual Artist Information Hotline was expanded to create NYFA Source. In its first year, NYFA Source served over 66,000 artists. NYFA Source will also enable arts funders, researchers and policymakers to acquire information about patterns and trends in artists' support."

Imagining America - "Artists and Scholars in Public Life is a national consortium of colleges, universities, and cultural institutions dedicated to supporting the civic work of university artists, humanists, and designers."

American Association of Museums [Washington, DC] - "Founded in 1906, the American Association of Museums (AAM) is dedicated to promoting excellence within the museum community. Through advocacy, professional education, information exchange, accreditation, and guidance on current professional standards of performance, AAM assists museum staff, boards, and volunteers across the country to better serve the public. AAM is the only organization representing the entire scope of museums and professionals and nonpaid staff who work for and with museums."

Insitute of Museum and Library Services [Washington, DC] - "The Institute of Museum and Library Services is an independent federal agency that fosters leadership, innovation and a lifetime of learning. IMLS supports all types of museums, from art and history to science and zoos, and all types of libraries and archives, from public and academic to research and school. IMLS expands the educational benefit of these institutions by encouraging partnerships."

National Endowment for the Humanities [Washington, DC] with humanities links for Events and Federal / State Partnerships and EdSitement. "NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities.

National Humanities Alliance [Washington, DC] - Government Affairs, News, Events, Links. "The National Humanities Alliance (NHA) is a coalition of more than eighty associations concerned with national humanities policy. The NHA advocates for support for humanities research and represents its members in matters of policy or legislation affecting work in the humanities. NHA is the only organization that represents the U.S. humanities community as a whole. Membership includes associations of: scholars and scholarly societies; libraries; museums; state humanities councils; historical societies; higher education institutions; independent and university-based research centers; university presses. The mission of the National Humanities Alliance is to advance the cause of the humanities by promoting the common interests of its members with regard to national policy, programs, and legislation that impact work in the humanities." - Member Links

Americans for the Arts / Vision: Every American appreciates, values and participates in the arts - ""Americans for the Arts is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. With a 40-year record of service, we are dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts. With offices in Washington and New York, and more than 5,000 organizational and individual members and stakeholders across the country, we are focused on three primary goals: 1. increasing public and private sector support for the arts; 2. ensuring that every American child has access to a high-quality arts education; and 3. strengthening communities through the arts.To achieve our goals, we partner with local, state, and national arts organizations; government agencies; business leaders; individual philanthropists; educators; and funders throughout the country. We provide extensive arts industry research and information and professional development opportunities for community arts leaders via specialized programs and services, including a content-rich website and an annual national convention.

Cultural Policy Listserv - "Interested in receiving the latest policy-relevant arts and culture news, sent directly to your e-mail inbox on a weekly basis? The Cultural Policy Listserv is the ideal way to spot emerging trends, track on-going issues, and connect to a world of news and ideas. Just enter your e-mail address and submit. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail with a link to complete the subscription process. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we will not provide your name or contact information to any other organization."

Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes - "Established in 1988, the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes serves as a site for the discussion of issues germane to the fostering of crossdisciplinary activity and as a network for the circulation of information and the sharing of resources. It has a membership of over one hundred and thirty centers and institutes that are remarkably diverse in size and scope and are located in the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and other countries . . . . .

The Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies [NJ] - "Created to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about the nation's artistic and cultural life. Its programs and activities are designed to create an infrastructure of well-trained scholars who have access to regularly collected information about cultural organizations, activities and providers and who produce timely research and analysis on key topics in arts and cultural policy

National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage [Washington, DC] - "The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) is a diverse nonprofit coalition of arts, humanities and social science organizations created to assure leadership from the cultural community in the evolution of the digital environment. The Initiative began in 1993 as a collaborative project of the American Council of Learned Societies, the Coalition for Networked Information, and the Getty Information Institute, an operating program of the J. Paul Getty Trust."

Artist Pension Trust (APT) - "Artist Pension Trust (APT) is the first investment program dedicated to the needs of emerging and mid-career artists. APT's long-term financial planning services allow artists to invest their artworks alongside a community of select artists, thereby providing a uniquely diversified, alternative income stream. Our vision is to build an integrated financial services firm that caters to the financial needs of the artist. The collateralization of artworks is the basis for a range of financing products."

LINC - "LINC (the acronym for Leveraging Investments in Creativity) is a ten-year national campaign to improve conditions for artists in all disciplines, so that artists can more readily do their creative work and contribute to community life."

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), NYC

American Institute of Architects (AIA), Washington, DC

American Watercolor Society

The National Watercolor Society

International Society of Appraisers

National Center for Preservation Technology & Training

Association of Restorers

Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles

The Association of American University Presses Directory

National Association of Independent Artists

International Fine Print Dealers Association

Society of Illustrators / Museum of American Illustration - "On February 1, 1901, a group of nine artists and one advising businessman founded the Society with this credo: "The object of the Society shall be to promote generally the art of illustration and to hold exhibitions from time to time." The first monthly dinners were attended by such prominent illustrators as Howard Pyle, Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, Charles Dana Gibson, Frederic Remington, James Montgomery Flagg, Howard Chandler Christy and special guests like Mark Twain and Gloria Swanson. . . . . "

Art Dealers Association of America

National Information Center for Educational Media Net Virtual Community - . Comprehensive database of information about educational audiovisual materials available on the Internet as a subscription service.

American Society of Furniture Artists

Society of American Silversmiths

NAMAC: National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture - A national association of non-profit organizations and individuals committed to furthering the media art: film, video, audio and interactive

Independent Feature Project

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Inc.

Delfina Studio Trusts [UK - "Delfina provides facilities for the production, presentation and mediation of new work by international contemporary artists. The Delfina Studio Trust was established in 1988 as a registered charity with the aim of providing high quality studio space and related facilities for visual artists. Housed in a renovated factory in the Bankside area of central London, Delfina provides 28 studios in total with twelve places for 'resident' artists. Residents are awarded a studio and all related facilities free of charge --international residents are also provided with accommodation on the same basis."

Association of Medical Illustrators

CHF International with Resources for The Crafts Center - The Crafts Center is "dedicated to the lives of low-income artisans. Artisan Enterprise and Advocacy networks and Worldwide Market Network. Glossary. Market Trends. etc." - "CHF is an international development organization founded in 1952 that works in post-conflict, unstable and developing countries. We partner with communities around the world to help them to direct the improvement of their lives and livelihoods. We believe that the people best suited to decide what a community needs are the people of the community itself. CHF is a politically neutral, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, that prides itself on an approach which is accountable, efficient and effective."

Grace - "A not-for-profit organization in Vermont, dedicated to the discovery, development, and promotion of self-taught art."

The Society of Tempera Painters [Founded in 1901]

Professional Picture Framers Association

Pastel Society of America

Western Artists of America

National Sculpture Society - "The National Sculpture Society is the oldest organization of professional sculptors in the United States. It is master sculptors and architects like Daniel Chester French, Augustus St. Gaudens, Richard Morris Hunt, and Stanford White, who founded the NSS in 1893 and have comprised its active members since. Current membership continues to contribute to the great public sculpture in this nation, as well as being represented in museum, corporate, and private collections around the world."

The National American Glass Club

Foundation for Art & Creative Technology [UK] - "A pioneering agency in the exhibition, support and development of artists' film and video and new media projects in the UK."

Asian American Arts Alliance - "Shaping the culture of a nation is the providence of its people. For over 100 years, Asian Americans have been a presence in this country, coloring American life with their many and diverse cultural contributions . . . . The a4 Online Directory, coordinated by the Asian American Arts Alliance, is the most extensive listing of Asian American arts and cultural organizations, and member artists based in New York City. Through this unique database, you have access to contact information on thousands of artists/groups, that can be searched by name, discipline, and ethnicity."

College Art Association Royal Society of British Sculpture [UK] - "We provide advice on all technical, aesthetic and legal matters concerning the production, installation or exhibition of sculpture, which assists artists in producing excellent work."

Portrait Society of America

American Print Alliance - "The American Print Alliance is a consortium of non-profit printmakers' councils in the United States and Canada. . . . Subscribe to Contemporary Impressions, our internationally acclaimed journal that brings you critical and enlightening articles, interviews, exhibition listings and book reviews by leading artists and writers."

The Institute for Cultural Exchange [Tuebingen]

Sculpture.Org - [Includes a directory of non-profit sculpture societies and other resources]

The Society of North American Goldsmiths

Society for Midwest Metalsmiths

Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America

Indian Arts & Crafts Association - "The Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1974 to support the ethical promotion and protection of authentic Native American art and culture."

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures - "Envisions a cultural landscape that fully values and integrates the essential contributions of an expanding Latino arts field and its dynamic workforce."

International Arts - Comprehensive Museum Services

Art Loss Registry

Woman's Caucus for Art

For Safety in the Arts - Environmental Health & Safety in the Arts . . . Toxic Materials Gopher

The CraftWEB

The Foundation Center - Your gateway to philanthropy on the World Wide Web

Arts Extension - National Access to Continuing Professional Education in Arts Management [Univ. of MAssachusetts]

US Small Business Association [Resources] - "Information on starting a business, financing, expanding, disaster assistance, nonprofit information, and much more. The federal government will even let you post your own business card on-line!" [Society of American Silversmiths]

U.S. Copyright Office

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world's largest business federation.

Arts and Business Council - "The mission of the Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts is to stimulate partnerships between the arts and business that strengthen both sectors and the communities they serve. The mission is accomplished through programs that promote voluntarism, build arts management capacity, gather and disseminate relevant information, and advocate closer ties between business and the arts. It is also accomplished through local Arts & Business Council chapters that pursue this mission at a local level. The Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts serves as their �national headquarters."

Northeast Document Conservation Center / Historic Documents, Art on Paper, Photographs, Books, [Andover, MA]

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Mural Conservancy [Los Angelos, CA]



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