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Range, Extent, Opportunity . . . . Area, Tract, Length . . . Instrument for viewing . . . . To look at . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Scope 1. extent or range of view, outlook, application, operation, effectiveness, etc.: an investigation of wide scope. 2. Opportunity or freedom for movement or activity: to give one's fancy full scope. 3. extent in space; a tract or area. 4. length: a scope of cable. 5. (used as a short form of microscope, periscope, radarscope, etc.) [< It scop(o) < GK skopó(s) aim, mark to shoot at] -Syn. 1. see range.

-scope, a learned borrowing from Greek used, with the meaning "instrument for viewing," in the formation of compound words: telescope Cf. -scopy. [< NL -scop(ium) < GK -skopion, -skopeion = skop(ein) (to) look at + -ion, -eion n. suffix]

[Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House, 1968.]



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