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Existing . . . . At Present [moment, time] . . . . Immediately Before the Present . . . . Immediately to Follow . . . . Forthwith. . . . Under the Present Circumstances . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
1 Now adv [ME, fr. OE nú akin to OHG nú now, L nunc, Gk nyn] [bef. 12c] 1a: at the present time or moment b: in the time immediately before the present [thought of them just __] c: in the time immediately to follow: Forthwith [come in __] 2 -used with the sense of present time weakened or lost to express command, request, or admonition [__ hear this] [__ you be sure to write] 3 - used with the sense of present time weakened or lost to introduce an important point or indicate a transition [as of ideas] 4: sometimes [__ one and __ another] 5: under the present circumstances 6: at the time referred to [__ the trouble began]

2 Now conj [bef. 12c]: in view of the fact that: since -often followed by that [__ that we are here]

3 Now n [12c]: the present time or moment [been ill up to __]

4 Now adj [14c] 1: of or relating to the present time: Existing [the __ president] 2 a: exicitingly new [__ clothes] b: constantly aware of what is new [__ people] [the __ generation]

[Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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