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Limited, Determinable . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
1 Finite adj [ME finit, fr. L finitus, pp. of Finaire] 15c] 1a: having definite or definable limits [__ number of possibitites] b: having a limited nature or existence [__ beings] 2: completely determinable in theory or in fact by counting, measurement, or thought [the __ velocity of light] 3:a: less than an arbitrary postive integer and greater than the negative of that integer b: having a finite number of elements [a __ set] 4: of, relating to, or being a verb or verb form that can function as a predicate or as the initial element of one and that is limited [as in tense, person, and number] -finite n -finitely adv -finiteness n [Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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