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Agree, Conform, Harmonize, Match, Tally . . . . Associate, Communicate . . . . Similar, Analoguous, Equivalent . . . . Accord, Consonance. . . . . In Function, Position, Amount, Purpose, Form, etc.

Obvious similarity, though not agreeing in every detail . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Correspondence n. 1. Also correspondency. an instance of corresponding. 2. similarity or analogy. 3. agreement; conform with. 4. communication by exchange of letters. 5. letters that pass between correspondents. -Syn. 3. accord, consonance. -Ant. 2. difference.

Correspond v.i. 1. to be in agreement or conformity [often fol. by with or to ]: His actions do not correspond with his words. 2. to be similar or analogous: be equivalent in function, position, amount, etc. [usually fol. by to]: The U.S. Congress corresponds to the British Parliament. 3. to communicate by exchange of letters. -Syn. 1. harmonize, match, tally. Correspond, Agree, Accord imply comparing persons or things and finding that they harmonize. Correspond suggests having an obvious similarity, though not agreeing in every detail: Part of this report corresponds with the facts. Agree implies having or arriving at a condition in which no essential difference of opinion or detail is evident: All the reports agree. Accord emphasizes agreeing exactly, both in fact and in point of view: This report accords with the other.

Corresponding adj. 1. identical in all essentials or respects: corresponding fingerprints. 2. similar in position, purpose, form, etc. corresponding officials in two states. 3. associated in a working or other relationship: a bolt and its corresponding nut. 4. dealing with correspondence: a corresponding secretary. 5. sending letters. 6. employing the mails as a means of association: a corresponding member of a club.

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