Notebook, 1993-


[From: Kyriazis, Constantine D. Eternal Greece. Translated by Harry T. Hionides. A Chat Publication.]

Battle of the Giants - Expedition of the Argonauts - Seven Against Thebes - The Trojan War - The Odyssey and Homer

Between History
and Legend

Greek mythology includes in its many remarkable legends certain tales of war, military expeditions, and travels which until a few decades ago or up to the time of Schliemann were looked upon as outright myth created by the fertile, sensitive and often times humorous imagination of the Greeks, but which today are considered as based on historical fact dressed in the garb of myth. Of these legends, one should take into serious consideration the chronological sequence as this was passed on by Greek writers or poets, of certain events which we can assume without any modicum of doubt were landmarks in the pre-history of the Greek world. These events we should treat as actually having taken place, perhaps not in the manner in which they were described for, after all is said and done, poetic imagination and license also colour the events, but as something that had once taken place and was carried by word of mouth from generation to generation adding or deleting as we have described in another chapter the incidents and events, making them all the more heroic and more attractive with the passage of time. [p. 90]

[Kyriazis, Constantine D. Eternal Greece. Translated by Harry T. Hionides. A Chat Publication.]



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