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[From: Kyriazis, Constantine D. Eternal Greece. Translated by Harry T. Hionides. A Chat Publication.]

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Calydonian Boar

In punishment of king Oeneus of Calydon for having neglected to make a sacrifice to her, Artemis sent this monster to his country. A beast of vast dimensions, the boar destroyed the flocks and their attendants, and to rid themselves of the threat, Meleager, son of Oeneus, and Athaea summoned all the famous heroes of the time to help him. Among those who came to Colydon were the Dioscuri Castor and Polydeuces, Lyngeus and Idas from Messenia, Theseus of Athens, Admetus of Pherae, Jason from Iolcos, Iphicles of Thebes, Peirithoos of Larissa, Amphiaraos came from Argos, the sons of Aeacus, Peleus and Telamon, the daughter of Schoeneus, Atalanta and others. Meleager promised to award the hide of the boar as a prize to the person killing it. In the course of the hunt, Heleas and Angaeus were killed, Euryton was wounded, until finally Meleager slew the beast. Since, however, Atalanta was the first to wound the boar and Amphiaraos was the second to do so, Meleager awarded the hide and head of the animal to Atalanta. This gift angered the other hunters, resulted in the deaths of Meleager's uncles at his hands, and hastened his own death at the hands of his mother Althaea. The Calydonian boar, as well as the boar of Eurymanthius and of Crommyon should, in the opinion of certain scholars, be identified as monsters of the storm who were slain by the sun heroes Meleager, Theseus and Heracles. [p. 82]

[Kyriazis, Constantine D. Eternal Greece. Translated by Harry T. Hionides. A Chat Publication.]



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